Relaxation for an exhausted body and a restful night’s sleep are the basic needs of everyone. Opting for a king size Ottoman bed frame is the optimal solution. It balances comfort with space efficiency, allowing for a peaceful sleep in a well-organised bedroom. King size storage beds have a diverse array of types and styles that you can select from to augment your bedroom aesthetics.

Bed Trend is committed to delivering excellent quality king and queen size Ottoman beds in town. Our dedicated team provides top-notch services to all customers, focusing on quality of material, design and manufacturing process. We engage with clients and help them choose the right furniture piece for their homes to ensure their satisfaction.

Advantages of King Size Storage Beds

  • Our king size Ottoman bed provides significant sleeping space to each person for a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Our beds are available in diverse designs and styles to match your room’s interior.
  • King size beds offer a huge storage space to store your stuff like bedding and pillows.
  • We craft every bed with the finest quality materials to attent to aesthetics, durability, and longevity.

Our Collection of Fabrics

We have a huge variety of fabrics available for the beds. Following are the types of fabrics:

  • Plush
  • Naples
  • Mix fabric
  • Dove velvet

Why Choose Bed Trend?

  • Customised bed options.
  • A 5-year guarantee on the entire range.
  • Highly competitive price range.
  • Premium delivery service for your furniture.


What sizes are available?

Our storage beds have different sizes according to their design and style, starting from 96” x 38.5” to 98” x 74.5”.

What to store in the storage bed?

Our king and queen size storage beds have a large storage capacity; you can store anything like bedding, pillows, toys, towels, sheets, etc.

Can you provide delivery of furniture?

Yes, we provide premium furniture delivery service, safely delivering your furniture to the respective location.

Can storage beds provide comfort?

Yes, our storage beds are highly comfortable and cosy to provide a peaceful night’s sleep.