What is an Ottoman Bed? | 7 Reasons to Buy an Ottoman Bed

What is an Ottoman Bed? | 7 Reasons to Buy an Ottoman Bed

What is an Ottoman Bed?

In simple words, an Ottoman bed has a hydraulic mechanism attached to its bed frame to facilitate easy lifting, allowing you to use the base as storage. This storage space can be utilised to store a variety of items, including off-season clothes and bed sheets. There are two types of lifting mechanisms in Ottoman beds, i.e.:

  • Foot end opening
  • Side opening

History of Ottoman Beds

As the name depicts, Ottoman beds were originally introduced in Turkey during the Ottoman Era. Their origin dates back to the 18th century when Ottomans started using the base of the beds as storage compartments. However, the beds have travelled a long way and have evolved in both the design and efficiency of lifting mechanisms.


Types of Ottoman Beds

Based on the opening mechanisms, the Ottoman beds are divided into 4 different types.

End- Opening Ottoman Beds

These beds are the most common type of Ottoman beds in the UK. They can be lifted at the foot. They are highly suitable for small bedrooms where there is not enough space to pull out large drawers from under your bed.

Side- Opening Ottoman Beds

These beds are a good alternative to the end-opening beds and can be lifted from the side. These beds are suitable in situations when the bed is placed in a corner, and there is not enough space to lift the bed from the foot.

Half-Opening Ottoman Bed

These beds are a combination of ottoman and divan beds, incorporating both the lifting mechanism as well as the drawers. These beds can be lifted from the foot up to half of their length. At the same time, the first half contains drawers in the base to provide you with the best of both styles.

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Why Should You Buy an Ottoman Bed?

Ottoman beds offer numerous advantages that make them the preferred choice when it comes to buying a new bed. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Extra Space for Storage

The First and foremost reason to buy an Ottoman bed is, of course, the huge storage space underneath the bed frame. If you are living in a smaller house and do not have enough space to store your off-season clothes, luggage and other items, Ottoman beds are definitely the best option for you to go for. They allow you to save space and store a considerable amount of stuff without any considerable hassle.

  • Tidy Room

An Ottoman bed will help you keep your room organised and tidy by taking in all the bulky stuff. It can store extra pillows, blankets and even your shoes, leaving the room cleaner and more pleasing to the eyes. According to research, a decluttered and organised room can significantly improve your sleep quality.

  • Functional and Stylish

Ottoman beds offer a perfect balance between style and function. While keeping the room tidy and clean, their style variants can provide an eye-catching look which can enhance the aesthetics of your room. There are different options in material, finishing and lifting mechanisms available, which allow you to select according to your taste and requirements.

  • Easy to Lift and close

The lifting mechanisms of Ottoman beds are generally assisted with hydraulics and sometimes with gas lifting mechanisms. These systems provide a smooth and easy opening and closing action without any considerable magnitude of force. They also incorporate slow opening and closing to avoid any accidental injury during their function.

  • Ideal for Smaller Rooms

Since, they can accommodate a large amount of household items, including clothes, blankets, sheets and many more, they are a perfect choice for smaller rooms. Ottoman beds offer a huge storage capacity without occupying any extra space. This also helps you declutter your space and keep your bedroom more spacious.

  • Different Style Options

The flexible design options in ottoman beds allow you to create your bed according to your own personal preferences. You can select between multiple styles, mattress options, colours and even materials to match the overall theme of your room.

  • Available in All Sizes

Ottoman beds are available in every standard size, and you can choose them according to your requirements.

  • Single Ottoman beds (90cm x 190cm)
  • Small double Ottoman beds (120cm x 190cm)
  • Double Ottoman beds (135cm x 190cm)
  • King-size Ottoman beds (150cm x 200cm)
  • Super king Ottoman beds (180cm x 200cm)