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      GTM & LUXURY Full GTM & LUXURY Full
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      GTM & LUXURY Full
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        MOON Aero MOON Aero
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        MOON Aero
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          Sports Car Bed Blue Sports Car Bed Blue
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          Sports Car Bed Blue
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            Sports Car Bed Black Sports Car Bed Black
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            Sports Car Bed Black
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              Sports Car Bed White Sports Car Bed White
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              Sports Car Bed White
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                Sports Car Bed Red Sports Car Bed Red
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                Sports Car Bed Red
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                  Sports Car Bed Yellow Sports Car Bed Yellow
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                  Sports Car Bed Yellow
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                    Give your growing child a safe and calm sleep space in the form of a car bed at night, and transform your child's bedroom into a fun and exciting space. This bed offers various colours and designs, allowing your child to play and sleep comfortably.

                    Bed Trend provides car beds in unique and colourful designs, making them attractive for children. We pride ourselves on our bed quality; they last longer, guaranteeing the imagination spark of your little ones. Putting much effort into designing beds for children, we ensure to carve a huge smile on their faces for their bedtime.

                    Why a Car Bed for Your Kids?

                    Our carefully curated car beds provide you with the following advantages:

                    • Allows your kids to experience the joy of sleeping in their dream car.
                    • Brings a magical touch to your child's bedroom.
                    • Enhances the kid's excitement level.
                    • Provides durability and safety with guaranteed quality time.
                    • Ignites the imagination of children, providing imaginative playtime.

                    Our Collection

                    We have a vast collection of kids car beds, allowing you to choose a particular size and style based on your preferences. Our collection of car beds includes:

                    • Muscle
                    • GTX
                    • GTM & Luxury Full
                    • Moon Aero
                    • Sports Cars

                    The sports car beds are available in different colours, such as:

                    • Blue
                    • Black
                    • White
                    • Red
                    • Yellow

                    We Deliver Safer Beds for Kids

                    We aim to ensure kids' safety and add a creative look to their beds. We incorporate such strategies that help us make a safer and more comfortable sleeping space for your children. To ensure the protection and safety of your child, we fit raised side panels in all beds to avoid the risk of your child falling out of the bed.

                    Moreover, we add a supportive headboard and a robust slatted base to offer the required support level to the growing kids. We also ensure to provide an anti-bacterial finish to beds, making them easy to clean.

                    Why Choose Us?

                    We have hard-to-beat kids' car beds built from premium materials. Ensuring customer satisfaction, we offer guaranteed and competitive prices, which has helped us build a strong reputation over the years.

                    Get a perfect gift for your child in the form of a car bed today!


                    What is the cost of a single-car bed?

                    The cost of car beds depends on the chosen size and specifications; however, single car beds' price ranges from £200 to £900.

                    How can I select the best sports car bed for my child?

                    You should keep these factors in mind while selecting a suitable type of sports car bed for your child:

                    • Child's Bedroom Size
                    • Child's Age
                    • Comfort Preferences
                    • Kid's Favourite Colour and Style
                    • Your Budget